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The Face of Creativity: Yati Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel

From New York to London, from Paris to Amsterdam, every CitizenM hotel can bring guests a whole new experience. So what exactly does CitizenM Shanghai Hongqiao, which has recently been rebranded as Yati Hotel, can surprise us with? Let’s find out today!

The Social Space

The first thing you see when you enter the hotel is not the grand lobby and front desk, but a shared space with a sense of modern art design. The showcases in the guest hall also display many artworks with local cultural characteristics. Here, travellers can use the hotel‘s check-in system by themselves, meet guests and work.

At the same time, there is also a bar counter, which provides all kinds of drinks and simple meals with local characteristics. The overall design and atmosphere is relaxed and fashionable. This is not just a small business office area in the traditional sense, but a shared space that integrates work, socialization, dining, and leisure, therefore greatly enriching the guests' experience.

The Neighborhood Connection

The hotel is connected to the lobby of another branded property, Artyzen Habitat Hotel, under the Artyzen Hotel Group. Compared with Yati, Artyzen Habitat pays more attention to the full-service and business travellers. Guests from both properties share the hotel’s facilities, including the gym, laundry room, restaurant, etc. Such a partnership between the two brands increases the competitiveness of both parties and supplies customers more choice, which could be essential for some group guests, looking to allocate their members in suitable room types.

Rooms with Comfort

Since the target audience of Yati Hotel holds a relatively simple view of how satisfactory hotel rooms should look like, more attention is paid to creating enviable social atmosphere instead. Consequently, the room area was designed to be small overall - 18 square meters only. However, every inch of space is used efficiently in order to maximize the utility rate without negatively impacting the level of comfort. One of the best examples is lockers placed under a lavish two-by-two meter bed. At the same time, the room is equipped with paintings by well-known local artists, which fits the preferences of current young travellers, as well as kettles - an irreplaceable item and a long-standing request of almost every Chinese guest.

The Meeting Space

Yati Hotel provides 8 meeting rooms of different styles accommodating up to 16 people each, which normally fulfills the needs of business customers. After the meeting, guests can chat and rest at the lounge, which is set right outside the function space. One of the cool features that could definitely brighten up even a drowsy Monday is the spiral staircase that connects the second-floor meeting rooms directly with the lobby on the first floor, providing access to both the restaurant and the bar.

Undoubtedly, Yati Hotel is the much-needed gulp of fresh air within the competitive market of Hongqiao area. From the overall design to the creation of modern living habits and atmosphere, the operator‘s intention and artistic direction are felt instantly. According to the employees, the hotel took advantage of the main customer groups' preferences, effectively using self-service check-in, light catering, and shared facilities and teams with Artyzen, which reduced the staff-to-room ratio greatly. Although the rooms are small in size, the design elements are included to create a truly comfortable space, which has effectively increased the floor efficiency from the perspective of asset management. With the development of hotel products gradually moving towards the experience dominance, atmosphere creation of Yati hotel has indeed given us some inspiration on how to improve operational efficiency and community building without sacrificing guests' stay quality. We look forward to seeing more innovative hotel products like this one in the future.

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