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What are the steps before the hotel opens?


Lead time for pre-opening activities? 

Pre-opening budget? 

Possible loopholes in operation? 

What is the recruitment strategy? 

How to set up accounting approval process? 

Where to start with SOP? When shall the GM arrive? 

What is the target for operation? 

Who should be in competitor set? 

How to achieve effective cost control?


Get the project up and running

Opening a hotel is a tedious and complicated task. Opening preparation is an important stage for the owner to lay a solid foundation for the successful operation of the hotel. We will make full use of our experience in the field to assist the owners/project.

Performance Review

Maximize asset potential

While the hotel reaches stability, the owner is most concerned about whether the asset has maximized its potential, and perhaps the profit forecasted at the initial investment. However, due to the lack of sufficient market data and forecasting abilities, many suffer from the inability to effectively evaluate the performance of the operating managers. We are here to help.

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