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COMM is a community

COMM communicates via more than smart phones and pads

COMM is an alliance


COMM is all about hospitality


WORK | CommBiz


A new concept developed as one of a kind social business club. It combines various functions,such as office space, meeting rooms, leisure area, and venue of choice for major city events. Unlike any other existing product, CommBiz provides high-endconcierge services, shadowing thefive-star luxury hotels. We aim to create the best business clubs inthe modern world. 

Living | CommResidence


Style as a way of life. We regard each and everymanaged apartment or residence as a piece of art. Weoperate a diverse portfolioof living spacesfor different groupsof people. CommHome is for young citizens andsmall-size families living in the midst of the hustle and bustle of developed cities; CommHouse is more mature and sophisticated, providingitsresidents with thoughtful concierge service.

FUN | CommPlace


A wealth of unique operations is running through CommPlace veins, which consist of serviced apartments, a hotel, office, retail space, and art centers. Each of them has itsown identity,and yet is still a part of an organic unity.  

TRAVEL | CommHotel


While enjoying the beautiful scenery on the road, we are always looking for nice hotels to have a good rest at. CommHotel represents our origins- hospitality. We devote ourselves to offer the most welcoming and comfortable experience when you are away from home, no matter ifit is a small boutique hotel, or a resort village.

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