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The project development service aims to answer the following questions:

Making sense of the area program?

How to design an operational hotel?

Which consultants are necessary? 

​How to manage all the consultants?

How and where to save? 

Budget per unit? 

How to deal with construction defects?

Costing is too high? 

How much time should be budgeted? 

How to overlap tasks to achieve maximum efficiency?

Project Management

Manage through project development process

Project Management Team is committed to providing professional advisory and technical services in ensuring an effective implementation and efficient construction process. The core essence of project management is value construction, which means ensuring quality yet minimizing the cost control budget from design to construction.

Design Review & Optimization

Design the right product

Being one of the key stages in project development, the design stage is filled with trifles. In order to effectively complete the design, we will act as a design consultant and advisor to the owner. This involves being in contact with the management company’s technical services, ensuring all management company’s prerequisites are met.

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