• Brand Standard Design Development

  • Design Review

  • Technical Consultancy and Services

  • Project Management of New Development and Renovation

  • Contract and Tendering Administration

  • Cost Consultancy including Budgeting and control

  • Procurement and Purchasing

  • Energy and Sustainability Consultancy

  • Technical Evaluation for Acquisition and Disposal

Our project management team looks at every stage of the project design and construction as an opportunity to maximize the value for our clients. Often referred to a "value engineering", there are many opportunities during the design and construction process to reduce costs without negatively impacting the quality of the project.

Strategies During the Design Phase Include:
  • Quality checks of the documents

  • Judicious selection of systems and finishes

  • Assurance of clear communications between all consultants and the client

  • Avoidance of costly changes during the design and construction phases

Critical to Reducing Construction Costs Are:
  • Maximization of the project scope in case bid

  • Minimization of possible future change orders during the bidding process

  • Elimination of potential delays and additional costs

  • Careful consideration of alternatives

  • Adherence to construction budget, which allows to keep project costs under control

Our project management team is focused on managing the design and construction of projects to minimize operating costs following the opening of the property. This involves careful selection of systems to maximize effectiveness and efficiency and minimize the need for replacement during future operations. Another large area of potential operational cost savings is energy conservation considerations through design, construction and operations.

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