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Designing with Pride: Stunning Hotels by the LGBTQ+ Creators

June is certainly a special month for many US-based companies as some choose to declare their support for the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate Pride Month together. Looking back at all the initiatives and events dedicated to the cause, we got inspired and decided to shine a spotlight on hotels and resorts brought to life by the incredibly talented members of the community. From the US to Cambodia, these properties are as diverse and irresistible as their destinations. In terms of design, some are tranquil, others are visibly seeking attention, yet all are alluring escapes from the routine. The next time your wanderlust takes you on a journey to the unknown, consider giving a chance to a hotel with LGBTQ+ design representation.

Pendry West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Upscale hospitality brands frequently yearn for Martin Brudnizki’s unique approach that turns a hotel into a true destination. A case in point is Martin Brudnizki Design Studio’s positively dramatic, sumptuous interiors for Pendry West Hollywood that include mirrors, bold colors, and gilded lighting. For Wolfgang Puck’s Merois restaurant, Brudnizki, also known for the whimsical and friendly Le Grand Mazarin scheduled to open in Paris in late summer, combined a Slim Aarons palette with a ceiling draped in decadent fabric.

Shinta Mani Wild, near Kirirom National Park, Cambodia

If you are looking to visit a hotel conceived by a person with arguably the longest CV in the industry, Shinta Mani Wild by Bill Bensley is a match. As he lovingly remarks, this property is “what I would design for myself, and it presses all the BENSLEY buttons: conservation, wildlife protection, social responsibility, education of both guests and villagers, employment, and romantic storytelling!” Having extensive experience in the Asian hospitality scene, the Bangkok-based Bensley envisioned a scrupulously planned collection of 15 riverbank tents with almost no environmental intervention and striking decor. The arrival is beyond dramatic: “One has to zip line 500-plus meters across two roaring waterfalls to land at the main camp for check-in,” says Bensley— “with a G&T in hand.”

Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

All of Singita’s awe-inspiring lodges across Africa are the fruit of collaborations between Cécile & Boyd's South African creative director and co-founder, Boyd Ferguson, and the safari enthusiast Luke Bailes. Rwanda’s mellow Kwitonda Lodge, located at the center of the country’s mountain gorilla population, is the apotheosis of the detail-oriented grand design. There’s something rustic yet organic to the decor, which mimics the surroundings—mud, mist, lava, and earth in warm oranges, khakis and greige. Interiors incorporate mind-blowing views from the magnificently sized windows and feature geometric pieces and terra-cotta manually crafted by Rwandese artisans.

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